Frequently Asked Questions

Will my tokens be safe when I stake?

Your tokens are always safe since they are staked on the network - the validator is only your proxy.

What is the period of rewarding?

You earn rewards every ~2 hours (starting from ~4-6 hours after delegation.

Is there any documentation and support?

You can Check our telegram group link on main page and ask your questions via our telegram group. Also, you can check documentation links given on main page too.

What is the comission rate? How much I will pay?

You will only pay 3% fees on our validator which is our comission rate. In other words, you will get and 97% and we will get 3% of your rewards.

How is your performance and uptime

We offer high performance and uptime which is generally around 99-100%.

What is current APY and how it can change in future?

Current APY is moving around ~10-11% it depends on delegated stakes to the network so it is same for all validators.

What is your server specs?

Our Validator runs on Dedicated, physical, server which provided by trusted and experienced service provider.